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EVERYONE HAS TO BE SOMEWHERE! Technology Hardware and Anvil Cases are both located in California.

Technology Hardware is situated in the San Francisco Bay region, know as SILICON VALLEY.

Our location gives you an advantage, no matter where you are. A great number of our customers are High Tech companies, and like their products, they also have cutting edge requirements for their cases. Whether those cases are simply for shipping protection or part of their show displays, the High Tech industry is tough.

Often we are involved with creating cases for ultra new products, well prior to their coming to market. Those products must be shipped to sales offices, large customer demos, and, of course, trade shows. Thats where we come in. The Silicon Valley calls on us for getting their latest and greatest inventions out into the world safe and unharmed. We are working in a very exacting environment, interfacing with Sales and Engineering staffs alike. The demand for exactness, quality, innovative design and strong reliable service is day to day life here in Silicon Valley.

Our High Tech customers look to us to design and supply cases, electronic racks and special containers for their equipment for use in Trade Show Exhibits, by their Sales Force in the field, Field Technical support, Training and even as the final enclosure for their products?integrating their product into our enclosure as a final product solution.

Because of our close technical design relationships with numerous large and small High Tech manufacturers we have developed a special sense for how things need to work and what our customers design engineers were thinking when they made a product a particular way. We understand how to properly design a case and itÕs foam interior to protect the most delicate of devices and have a sensitivity for the special considerations needed in the fragile environment.

From our intensive experience here, you can expect your case from us to be perfect in every way, right down to the glove fit foam interior to the ultimate resistance against the abuses of the careless Freight Handlers.

We supply cases to customers throughout the US and World Wide.
Our Address:
P.O. Box 3779
San Ramon, Ca 94583

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